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About CFpromo

We Promise… We Deliver.

Every interaction with you is important. You are the sole reason we exist, and we never take that for granted! We do our best to eliminate wasted time and energy by refusing to compromise on quality just to match competitors’ prices. Check our pricing, and you will see that everyday, we are able to deliver much more for much less.

Your Friend in the Business

With so many choices, options, colors and materials, isn’t it refreshing to have a team of dedicated professionals who stay up to date on everything from new product development to internal price competitiveness? We constantly meet in “think tanks” to brainstorm ideas, and we call upon our network of partners to uncover the most innovative and unique concepts available in the market. We’re involved in every step of the process, including product development, to ensure our promise of high quality and low price delivers when you need it most.

Creative Expertise

Even though we’re constantly searching the globe for innovative, exciting, and refreshing concepts, there will still be times when you have a specific request for us. We take these requests seriously, and we can have mockups, scale drawings, and samples ready for you within hours, not weeks. We have the ability to source more than one million items, but our biggest pleasure is finding number one million and one! We know you expect a lot, and we strive to deliver on our commitment to be your friend in the promotional products industry.

Custom Product Development

Need a mug that plays music? Need branded cardboard subwoofers? Need a USB flash drive that looks like your boss? Well, look no further! Your creativity is the only limit to our capabilities. With our own design and art staff, you can rest assured that we can deliver on every single order, whether it’s a wild idea or just a simple reorder.

USA Owned and Operated

To save you time and money, we offer many of our products directly from our onsite warehouse in Sioux Falls, SD. We leave nothing to chance, and if that means we need to have supplies to fill your most urgent orders, we do our best to facilitate. We also feel great about adding additional jobs in our own community for onsite printing, etching, order fulfillment, and laser engraving. Our customers, employees, and partnerships all thrive when we generate success in our local community.

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Visit Our Showrooms

2818 W. 12th

St. Sioux Falls, SD 57104

2540 Glenn Ave.

Sioux City, IA 51106




1403 Frankfort Place S.E.
Orange City, IA 51041

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